Reading: Sarah Manguso's Ongoingness: The End Of A Diary

I worked with David Shields on a book about baseball 15 years ago while running TNI Books. While we'd not been in touch, I recently listened to a fucking fantastic interview with David on the Bret Easton Ellis podcast which prompted me to reach out and ask for some book suggestions in light of some of what they were discussing. He sent me several interesting stuff orbiting outside of the traditional novel. This is a tiny book. I read the whole thing in a sitting of 30 mins or so, and it was time well spent.

Maybe the trouble is that the shape of life is elastic, that it can feel and be full at variable levels of fullness. Or maybe we’re poor judges of our own lives’ fullness. Or maybe the concepts of emptiness and fullness are poor metaphors for happiness, if in face happiness is what we’re talking about.
— Sarah Manguso