Reading: Cometbus #54: In China with Green Day?!!


I’ve definitely not kept up with Aaron’s relentless output and dedication to the zine—more than 35 years!—but now and again find a copy in a shop, give the weird-o at the register $4, and spend a day or so reading with whatever other book I’m into on pause. 

This issue, from 2011, covers a tour in Asia with Green Day, decades removed from the early van tours he roadied, stadiums instead of all-ages clubs. For me, this issue was a solid companion piece to seeing Jawbreaker reunite this year, and to watching friends, acquaintances, and also strangers talk online about seeing Jawbreaker this year.

I’ve had the idea this year to mail each book I read & love to someone who might dig it just after I’ve finished. I’m passing this one along to Josh Bearman, a very old friend I never see and almost never talk to. We met in Muncie, right around the time 24 Hour came out. I think he was mostly indifferent to Dookie. He definitely hated Dear You.