I started the mid-brow championed micro-press TNI Books in 1999 in Seattle, Washington. We quietly and sporadically released books and other book-like things. The aim was to present compelling literary products with a hardy nod to the spirit of independent rock and roll. The press released two of my own books, four issues of a literary magazine called Little Engines, a no-music album by Damien Jurado, a kids book with a 7" single from Pedro the Lion, an artbook + CD from maniac drummer Zach Hill, an unauthorized collection of Ichiro Suzuki quotes by Daivd Shields, and a collection or writings and posters from Camden Joy. I'm proud of this stuff!

Below you will find a list of the titles TNI Books published. Although no longer sold online or in stores, there are a few copies around of Brides With Spirit, Baseball Is Just Baseball, Lost Joy, Stand Up, Ernie Baxter: You're Dead, Destroying Yourself is too Accessible, Little Engines 3, and Little Engines 4. If you'd like a one of these titles, just drop me a line and let me know what you're after.

Bridges With Spirit by Adam Voith
Postcards and Audio Letters a no-music album by Damien Jurado (CD)
Lost Joy by Camden Joy
Stand Up, Ernie Baxter: You're Dead by Adam Voith with comic illustrations by Mike Lowery
A Guitar for Janie by Buchen with music by Pedro the Lion (kids book + 7")
Destroying Yourself Is Too Accessible by Zach Hill & the Holy Smokes (artbook + CD)
Baseball Is Just Baseball: The Understated Ichrio by David Shields
Little Engines Issue One, Two, Three, and Four