Older stuff:

 You can read the opening chapter from each of the books I published via TNI Books in 1999 and 2003.

Workin' On Leavin' the Livin'

an except from Stand Up, Ernie Baxter: You're Dead (2003)

Listen: Don’t put much stock in what the folks at the churches and labs are saying. You keep your body when you die. I’m dead, but my name is Ernie Baxter. I’ve kept my body, and I’ve kept my name. Keeping those two things was surprising, and there have been other surprises.  You have certain expectations, but this much is now clear to me: In heaven, there is no interfering with the living. You can look down through silver-lined clouds and see the people you love down below with a fair amount of clarity, but there is no interaction. I was shocked as shit that the rumors about the clouds and their beautiful lining panned out, but no hauntings. No channeling through dogs and certainly no slumber party board-game communications. Believe me, I’ve tried. 
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George Harrison: The Beatle Everyone Forgets

an except from Bridges With Spirit (1999)

It’s possible that the Beatles wrote a song about my dad. This is a new revelation. It’s a story of drama, suspense, humor, money, a boy and a girl. Formless at first, more of a muddle of facts than anything else, it’s been told and re-told any number of times. Since I first heard it, things have been added, subtracted, multiplied and divided. If you were to ask my dad to tell you the story today, you’d receive, more or less, the same basic facts I did six or seven years ago. But I’ve stolen (inherited, maybe) the rights.
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